babes & hussies

jewelry and accessories


The Herstory


The two of them nestled into a little mountain town, just outside of Rollinsville, and made themselves at home in a lovely little artisan’s community.  Surrounded by creativity, Denise Midroy became involved in leatherwork and design, and wound up creating jewelry in leather and feathers. 

Mid began selling at craft fairs and almost immediately started wholesaling to stores as well.  She leapt into trade shows, starting in NYC, then eventually, all over the country. 

Her little enterprise began to grow, and soon enough, she had many accounts all over the world, including in France and Hong Kong.



Originally, “hussy” was just another word for housewife.  Eventually, its meaning broadened to refer to any woman or girl.  The word continued to evolve, and soon only the “misbehaved” and particularly strong-willed women were being called hussies.  Inevitably, as what often happens to words affiliated with any kind of “deviant” women, “hussy” mutated into a scathing word, used to describe an “immoral” and “lascivious” woman.

Denise (or “Mid,” as the girls called her) started Babes & Hussies in 1975, after moving to Colorado from NYC with Bernard, her husband now for the last 27 years.  They arrived in a renovated school bus with two BMW motorcycles, two cats, and a German shepherd in tow. 

Denise Midroy attended an all-girl Catholic high school in NYC, where she found herself in the company of three other (what some may have called “boisterous”) girls.  They referred to themselves as a “Bountiful Bevy of Beautious Babes.”  Well, those strong-willed babes are now full grown hussies.

Babes and Hussies: the dichotomy of womanhood.